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Chariot - Year 6!

Hello Everyone! 

I have uploaded the whole weeks worth of home learning for you to access as and when you can. 

If I have forgotten any files or you have any questions, please just email me at


Keep working hard everyone, we're so proud of you! 

Miss Eels

Friday 15th January - Home Learning

Wednesday 13th 2021 - Home Learning

Tuesday 12th January - Home Learning

Friday 8th January - Home Learning

Welcome to the Year 6 Chariot class page! Below you will find slides outlining the expectations of year 6 and some extra information. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me! 


I am so happy with how the children have come back to school, having all that time off. They have showed resilience and a mature attitude since coming back and I cannot wait to see every single one of them mature and grow in the next year. 


Miss Eels 

Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Thursday 16th July


It's the last day! Enjoy yourself! Watch a movie...go for a walk! Have a wonderful summer, I am super proud of you all!


Wednesday 15th July


English Nearpod CODE: RGQVI


Topic (Computing): Use Discovery Education, Hour of Code or Timestables Rockstars!


Tuesday 14th July


English Nearpod CODE: IODPW


Topic (Science) Nearpod CODE: IVBUY


Monday 13th July


English Nearpod CODE: KWZBE


No Topic today!

Friday 10th July


English Kahoot: SPELLINGTASTIC! Year 5&6 Game PIN: 07463742

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge on

Topic (PSHE) Nearpod CODE: HMQDI


Thursday 9th July


Science Kahoot: Year 5 Forces Game PIN: 08135701

Maths: Lesson 4 - Translation

Topic (Design and Technology) Nearpod CODE: OFMCY


Wednesday 8th July


English Kahoot: Year 5 spelling patterns Game PIN: 09045901

Maths: Lesson 3 - Reflections

Topic (Computing): Use Discovery Education, Hour of Code or Timestables Rockstars! 


Tuesday 7th July


Kahoot: Year 5 Maths Quiz Game PIN: 03313423

Maths: Lesson 2 - Reasoning about 3D shapes

Topic (Science) Nearpod CODE: OEYZG


Monday 6th July


English Kahoot: Year 5 Grammar! Website Game PIN: 0452674

Maths: Lesson 1 - Regular and irregular polygons from

Topic (French) Nearpod CODE: RDATI

Friday 3rd July


English Nearpod CODE: VYZOF

Maths: Lesson 5 - Friday Maths Challenge from



Thursday 2nd July


English Nearpod CODE: MRSOX

Maths: Lesson 4 - Calculating angles around a point

Topic (Design and Technology) CODE: RHEFK


Wednesday 1st July


English Nearpod CODE: UXHQM

Maths: Lesson 3 - Calculating angles on a straight line

Topic (Computing): Use Discovery Education, Timestables Rockstars or Hour of Code!


Tuesday 30th June


English Nearpod CODE: CTJMN

Maths: Lesson 2 - Drawing lines and angles accurately

Topic (Science) Nearpod CODE: WBUNZ


Monday 29th June


English Nearpod CODE: VKGBE

Maths: Lesson 1 - Measure with a protractor from

Topic (French) Nearpod CODE: YGCBW

Friday 26th June


English Nearpod CODE: WKMNA

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge from

Topic (PSHE) Nearpod CODE: BCQLS


Thursday 25th June


English Nearpod CODE: ISDEF

Maths: Lesson 4 - Divide decimals by 10 100 and 1000

Topic (Design and Technology) Nearpod CODE: PFCEW


Wednesday 24th June


English Nearpod CODE: VWINH

Maths: Lesson 3 - Multiply decimals by 10 100 and 1000

Topic (Computing): Use Timestable Rockstars, Discovery Education or Hour of Code!


Tuesday 23rd June


English Nearpod CODE: TEZYW

Maths: Lesson 2 - Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places

Topic (Science) Nearpod CODE: XQTLP


Monday 22nd June


English Nearpod CODE: XELFC

Maths: Lesson 1 - Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places from

Topic (French) Nearpod CODE: NRCTV

Friday 19th June


English Kahoot Quiz link: and PIN: 04220607

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge!

Topic (PHSE) Nearpod CODE: CBSWA


Thursday 18th June


English Kahoot Quiz link: and PIN: 07830352

Maths: Lesson 4 - Adding numbers with a different number of decimal places

Topic (Design and Technology) Nearpod CODE: HINFV


Wednesday 17th June


English Kahoot Quiz link: and PIN: 06719174

Maths: Lesson 3 - Adding numbers with the same number of decimal places

Topic (Computing): Use Discovery Education, Hour of Code or Timestable Rockstars!


Tuesday 16th June


English Kahoot Quiz link: and PIN: 06493852

Maths: Lesson 2 - Percentages as fractions and decimals

Topic (Science) Nearpod CODE: BIONK


Monday 15th June


English Kahoot Quiz link: and PIN: 03326205

Maths: Lesson 1 - Understand Percentages at

Topic (French) Nearpod CODE: JCOZA

Friday 12th June



Maths: Friday Maths Challenge on



Thursday 11th June



Maths: Lesson 4 - Order and compare decimals

Topic (Geography) CODE: DOBXA


Wednesday 10th June



Maths: Lesson 3 - Rounding decimals

Topic (Computing): Please use Discovery Education, Hour of Code or Timestables Rockstars!


Tuesday 9th June



Maths: Lesson 2 - Understanding thousandths

Topic (Science) CODE: OCWXZ


Monday 8th June



Maths: Summer Term Week 7 Lesson 1 - Decimals as fractions from


Friday 5th June


English: Like Father Worksheet

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge on



Thursday 4th June


English: A Day In The Life Of Worksheet

Maths: Lesson 4 - Fractions as operators on

Topic (Geography) CODE: YFHWB


Wednesday 3rd June


English: Lost Worksheet

Maths: Lesson 3 - Fractions of an amount on

Topic (Computing): Use Discovery Education for Coding or other available sites such as hour of code!


Tuesday 2nd June


English: Gravity Worksheet

Maths: Lesson 2 - Multiply mixed numbers by integers on

Topic (Science) CODE: HUIWA


Monday 1st June


English: Wildhorses Worksheet

Maths: Lesson 1 - Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers on

Topic (French) CODE: MYBWD

Friday 22nd May


English Nearpod CODE: EHFVL

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge!



Thursday 21st May


English Nearpod CODE: TLBQR

Maths: Lesson 4 - Subtract mixed numbers

Topic CODE (Art): CYJVR (Please email me this work so I can post it below!)


Wednesday 20th May


English Nearpod CODE: VZFKU

Maths: Lesson 3 - Add mixed numbers

Topic (Computing) Espresso Coding:

Username: student71035

Password: discovery


TT Rockstars!


Tuesday 19th May


English Nearpod CODE: HXUST

Maths: Lesson 2 - Add Fractions
Topic Nearpod CODE (Science): DIXQO


Monday 18th May


Nearpod is working again! Feel free to either use the PDF's or the Nearpod lesson today!

English Nearpod CODE: OIDKQ

Maths: Summer Week 5 (w/c 18th May) Lesson 1 - Add and Subtract Fractions

Topic Nearpod CODE (RE): FWXZE

Friday 15th May


English Nearpod CODE: YDGBO

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge



Thursday 14th May


English Nearpod CODE: JVZQD

Maths: Lesson 4 - Compare and order fractions less than one

Topic (Geography) CODE: XZKOD


Wednesday 13th May


English Nearpod CODE: FWNEJ

Maths: Lesson 3 - Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa

Topic (Computing) Espresso Coding:

Username: student71035

Password: discovery


TT Rockstars! (I have challenged everyone to a ROCKSLAM! Come and beat me!)


Tuesday 12th May


English Nearpod CODE: DOZFA

Maths: Lesson 2 - Equivalent Fractions

Topic (Science) CODE: GPFYA


Monday 11th May


English Nearpod CODE: QDYGW

Maths: Summer Term - Week 4 - Lesson 1 - Area of Rectangles

Topic (French) CODE: YURBQ


Friday 8th May


English Nearpod CODE: ZCAQU

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge

Topic Nearpod CODE (PSHE): JTSMD


Thursday 7th May


English Nearpod CODE: AYMQG

Maths: Lesson 4 - Calculate perimeter

Topic Nearpod CODE (Geography): EVIYX


Wednesday 6th May


English Nearpod CODE: AOIVR

Maths: Lesson 3 - Divide with remainders

Topic (Computing) Espresso Coding:

Username: student71035

Password: discovery


Tuesday 5th May 


English Nearpod CODE: EWIYT

Maths: Lesson 2 - Multiply 4-digits by 2-digits

Topic Nearpod CODE (Science): QXIJM


Monday 4th May


English Nearpod CODE: UCNHS

Maths: Summer Term Week 3 - Lesson 1 - Multiply 2-digit numbers (area model) 

Topic Nearpod CODE (RE): XQZGE

Friday 1st May


English Nearpod CODE: BSHEJ

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge



Thursday 30th April


English Nearpod CODE: BSJWG

Maths: Lesson 4 - Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places

Topic (Geography): BPXJI


Wednesday 29th April


English Nearpod CODE: CUADO (if you would like a PDF version of this or any other Nearpod, please email me and I can provide this).

Maths: Lesson 3 - Adding Decimals with a different number of decimal places

Topic (Computing) Espresso Coding:

Username: student71035

Password: discovery


Tuesday 28th April


English Nearpod CODE: DVEZQ

Maths: Lesson 2 - Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places

Topic (Science) CODE: PFSVM


Monday 27th April


English Nearpod CODE: DBRVY
Maths: Summer Term - Week 2 (w/c 27th April) Lesson 1 - Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

Topic (French) CODE: QVMTN


And as always, more work is provided below on this class page, or on websites like BBC Bitesize and Discovery Education!

Friday 24th April


English Nearpod CODE (have fun, look forward to funny pictures!!): NAUMR

Maths: Friday Maths Challenge (or an opportunity to look back at anything you found tricky this week!) - have fun!



Your Funny Sandwich Instructions Attempts!


Thursday 23rd April


English Nearpod CODE: BGSTA

Maths: Lesson 4 - Adding Decimals - crossing the whole

Topic (Art) CODE (please email me this work!): DYPQX


Avocado by Luiza!

Wednesday 22nd April


English Nearpod CODE: GNTBF

Maths: Lesson 3 - Complements to 1

Topic (Computing) Espresso Coding:

Username: student71035

Password: discovery


Tuesday 21st April


English Nearpod CODE: UFKXG

Maths: Lesson 2 - Subtracting decimals within 1

Topic (Science) Nearpod CODE: HONZC


Monday 20th April


English Nearpod CODE: EMHFU

Maths: Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20th April) Lesson 1 - Adding Decimals within 1

Topic (RE) Nearpod CODE: GCRVA

Hello everyone, below you will find resources, plans and activities to support your child's learning during this time. 

Friday 3rd April:


TWO Nearpod lessons!


PSHE (be prepared for an hour long session!): HWGJS

Maths: ZIHTE


Available for the WHOLE weekend!

Thursday 2nd April


TWO Nearpod lessons!





Available until Saturday!

Wednesday 1st April:


Your Nearpod PIN today is:




This will be available until Friday! Have fun!

Something New!! Below is your PIN for our very first Nearpod lesson! Please give this lesson a go, preferably today or by Friday at the latest, and we will see how successful it is! The lesson is on semi-colons, like your work last week, to see how much you have understood! Kind Regards, Miss Maxwell

Below is our Home Learning pack for Year 5, which includes 10 English lessons, 10 Maths lesson, 10 Topic lessons and Spellings (Higher and Lower) for two weeks.


Please get your children to do 1 English, 1 Maths and 1 Topic, plus look at spellings, each day from Monday 24th up to Easter break.


I will be uploading more resources as and when I can to support extra learning at home. Please keep checking this page for more activities and opportunities for learning at home. Thank you.


Kind Regards, Miss Maxwell

For extra Year 5 reading support, see below. Try to have your children read any book they are interested in, for at least half an hour a day, then ask them questions about the book and complete activities around it (see below).

If you don't have access to a lot of outside space, Joe Wicks is providing a FREE live stream on YouTube 9am every day of a 30 minute workout suitable for children - super fun way to keep everybody active!

With your children likely to be online more, below is a PowerPoint all about Internet Safety and what to do to be safer online.

To support with positive mental health and attitude, below are some ideas and activities you can do with your children to help them be calm. You could do these activities as a PSHE lesson.

Year 5 Expectations - Hi all, I have attached a document which outlines the end of year objectives that we aim to meet for Year 5 for each subject. Please use this document as a guideline as every child's learning is different and unique. It should help you see the expectation we have for our Year 5s and what we aim to achieve by the end of Year 5. (Taken from the Government national curriculum document)

On Friday 20th March the Year 5 children who were in made posters explaining all the fun activities you can do at home!

As of March 2020, Year 5 will be having Yoga on Wednesday mornings and PE on Thursday afternoons. Spellings are handed out on Thursday mornings and are tested the following week on the same day. Children are expected to read through their spellings during the week and practice these to ensure understanding. Year 5 children should also be reading as much as possible at home. Thank you for your continued support.

- Miss Maxwell

Chateau Beaumont Information PowerPoint

Year 5 - Spring - Stargazers!

For International Woman’s Day and Science Week, Year 5 created beautiful two page spreads all about Helen Sharman - the first Briton to go to space!!

On World Book Day, Thursday 5th March, Year 5 were dressed up as different book characters and made their own book marks!

In Science, Year 5 were learning about Forces and gravity, using Newton meters to measure the Mass and Weight of different objects in the classroom!

In History, Year 5 were learning about the Space Race and what Sputnik 1 meant for Russians and Americans at the time.

Just before the half term break, Year 5 wrote newspaper reports about the first time man went to the moon!

In French, Year 5 have been learning the basics of the language, including colours and how to say whether they are light, dark or bright.

In RE, Year 5 have been learning about Judaism: What is important to Jews, Symbols of Judaism and home life.

In Art, Year 5 were experimenting with different textures, using chalk and pen on black sugar paper to create beautiful drawings of the moon!

As part of our Stargazers topic, Year 5 had the North Essex Astronomical Society in school for the afternoon, where they got to hear, touch and look at different things to do with Space!

Year 5 - Autumn 2 - Off With Her Head!

Year 5 went to Layer Marney Towers in November to learn more about what it was like to be a Tudor!

Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Beast Creator!

In Design and Technology, Year 5 were making sustainable bug hotels, using what they could find in the forest to make them!

In science Year 5 were investigating habitats of different mini beasts by creating different habitats and seeing where the woodlouse would go.

Spring term: ROAD TRIP TO THE USA!

Year 4 have posted their letters to the USA!

In geography, we were looking how earthquakes happen and where they happen. As part of a lesson, Chariot attempted to make earthquake-proof structures with marshmallows and cocktail sticks. This was then tested on jelly to see if it could withstand an 'earthquake'.
As part of our topic 'Road trip to the USA' last term, Chariot made a traditional apple pie. The children had great fun and a lot of them said they really enjoyed eating their pie. The children also designed their own apple pie packaging. 

Making apple pie

Summer term 1: I AM WARRIOR!