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Hello everyone, below you will find resources, plans and activities to support your child's learning during this time. Each of them should have their two exercise books, a blue book full of printed resources and lessons ready-made with a PowerPoint guide below to help you through, and a purple book that is empty and for use with the online resources also listed below.


Each resource has been created to support your child's learning process. There are activities ranging throughout the curriculum and they will be updated routinely as needed. There are also a range of other resources available on our Home Learning Page which is linked below. The main addition on this page are the David Walliams audio books that I will be placing on there daily.

2nd April - Home Learning


You should have an email today with today's learning but here is a snippet of what to do as well as the codes for the lessons.


Today we have a NearPod on Athens vs Sparta


The nearpod will require a large piece of writing that I would recommend is split over today and tomorrow, with some time to write today and check over and edit tomorrow possibly? 

I would still recommend using the link for the White Rose Maths lessons for teaching Maths, while I could make a nearpod lesson for each of these it would be incredibly similar to what they are creating anyway and theirs are all ready to go in the same order I would teach in the classroom.
2nd April - Today's nearpod: English: LYGJC
2nd April - Kahoot!: 0708752


Discovery Education login: Student71035       Password: discovery


Maths Home Learning 


White Rose are releasing daily lessons in weekly batches on their home learning website linked below. These lessons follow the exact day-to-day learning that we would be following in school for Maths. Each lesson has a video for input to go through the learning, a worksheet to demonstrate understanding and an answer sheet to check over at the end. I would highly recommend using this for your daily Maths lessons at home!

Mosaic Challenge V1.0 Finished!

Well done all of you, these pieces of work are incredible! I hope you enjoy the video :)

Mosaic Challenge V1.0

Hello Mosaic, welcome to your first 'big challenge'. Watch the video to find out what you need to do, resources will be below the video for use afterwards.

The deadline for submitting your Greek God or Goddess to me is Thursday 2nd April 12:00pm.

Immersive Experiences


Below are two links that I think the children will really enjoy at home, one is for Now>Press>Play, An immersive audio experience for the children to listen to experiences and act out the instructions given. Best to have a set of headphones on, even better if you have a set of wireless headphones for freedom of movement, but neither are required to use.


The other is for Audible, they are offering free audio books for children during this time away for school, simply click on the link and start listening for free!

Below is a link to the expectations of Year 3, they set out some guidelines for what the children should know by the end of year. I hope this might give you some idea as to what you should be looking for when reading over your child's work.

Home Learning Book Guide

This PowerPoint takes you through the blue home learning book that children have brought home and includes some extra word mats and resources that might aid learning.

New! - IT and Coding


I'm sure you are all keeping busy with the learning packs, books, Kahoot's and challenges on top of whatever else you are doing at home. I thought I'd throw a nice IT/Coding resource into the mix. Hour of Code is a great site that provides activities and games that require the children to code their way through levels. The games are all based on popular franchises/movies/games etc and the children receive a certificate upon completion! Simply click the link below, select a level (American Grade System - Grades 2-5 for Mosaic) and your sorted! Enjoy!

Sports Relief

Sports Relief 1
Sports Relief 2
Sports Relief 3
Sports Relief 4
Sports Relief 5
Sports Relief 6
To celebrate Sports Relief today, Mr Reeve offered every class in the school a quick workout in the hall in the morning. The children (and myself) were given a ruthless 15 minutes exercise routine. Safe to say we were all a little out of breath after returning to the classroom and back to our work!

Potting Plants

Potting Plants 1
Potting Plants 2
Potting Plants 3
Potting Plants 4
Potting Plants 5
Potting Plants 6
After a terrible first try at planting Broad Beans (not a single one grew!), I popped out to buy some new ones for everyone and some better pots and compost to plant them in. This afternoon we discussed what might have gone wrong with our first batch (not enough water/light/space) before using a mixture of soil from our school garden and compost to plant our new seeds. Let's hope we see some results this time!
The children made some stunning 2-page spreads of the life cycle of a plant in Science today! They were so happy with their work I decided what better way to showcase than to publish them on our website. Well done everyone!

More World Book Day...

More World Book Day... 1
More World Book Day... 2
More World Book Day... 3
More World Book Day... 4
More World Book Day... 5
More World Book Day... 6
During the afternoon we decided to make a little trip down to Early Years to do some peer reading. The little ones we so excited to see us and demonstrate their reading to us! The children behaved beautifully, working with children around the classroom and reading with fluency and expression.

We have had a brilliant World Book Day! The children looked absolutely amazing in all of their costumes and accessories. We have spent the day learning more about the history of World Book Day while also making special, bespoke, mindfullness bookmarks to use in our reading.


Thank you to all the parents for sorting out such incredible costumes for the children and supporting such a lovely day!

The day the chairs went on strike!

The day the chairs went on strike! 1
The day the chairs went on strike! 2
The day the chairs went on strike! 3
The day the chairs went on strike! 4

The children arrived today to see the chairs had disappeared! A message was left on the board reading 'Mr Young has decided that you no longer need chairs in the classroom, so he has removed them. If you think that you do need chairs in the classroom, you will need to write a persuasive letter to to convince him to give them back!"


The children then set out planning, drafting and writing their letters to me. It was quite a chore finding a comfy position to write but as you can see they became creative with where they placed themselves. After reading some of their very convincing letters, I reluctantly decided that they do in fact require chairs in the classroom so returned them before break.

More Forces and Magnets

More Forces and Magnets 1
More Forces and Magnets 2
More Forces and Magnets 3
More Forces and Magnets 4
The children enjoyed a small experiment today as well explored how strong the magnets we had were and whether adding more magnets together would increase their strength or not. The children worked well in their groups and each came up with some great conclusions to write down in their write ups.


Badminton 1
Badminton 2
Badminton 3
Badminton 4

The children have really enjoyed developing their badminton skills this half term in our indoor P.E sessions. We have learnt some of the basic skills such as forehand and backhand grip as well as getting the serve right.


They have been extremely well behaved during these sessions, allowing us a lot more time to practice our learning each week. While the children are definitely improving, there has yet to be someone who can take on the mighty Mr Young!

Forces and Magnets

Forces and Magnets 1
Forces and Magnets 2
Forces and Magnets 3

The children have been exploring the world of Forces and Magnets during Science this term. Part of this topic involved us experimenting with friction and how it can affect the amount of force applied to make an object move. 


The children have really enjoyed their science experiments this term, we have looked at what items are magnetic, are two magnets stronger than one and does friction affect the force needed to make an item move.

Mediterranean Food Tasting Afternoon

Today the children took part in a Mediterranean food tasting in the classroom. They we able to try a range of meats, cheeses, breads and fruits all from countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, these included:

  • Chorizo, Salami and Prosciutto Ham
  • Parmesan, Mozzarella and Goats Cheese
  • Foccacia, Sour Dough and Pitta
  • Olives and Spanish Oranges


The children were brilliant throughout, they all were eager to try the new foods to them and really dived into the spirit of the afternoon. Some found new foods that they are eager to eat more of, some found hidden tastes that definitely didn't agree with them but all in all it was a wonderful afternoon. 

The children had an amazing time at Pizza Express today. They learnt all about Pizza, it's ingredients and a bit of its History before taking part in making their own Margherita Pizza fresh from the restaurants ingredients. Afterwards, they were treated to a Pizza and Movie lunch in the classroom where they tasted their creations. 


The children were incredibly well behaved, with the Manager and Chef commenting on how well they responded to instructions and composed themselves during the activities. I am extremely proud of them! 

Forest School Friday

Below is a list of resources and typical home learning tasks that will help with your child's learning this year. Some are simple things that can be done in everyday life, and others are links to websites and apps that provide resources to teach to the curriculum.
Below is a PowerPoint that was present at the 'Meet the Teacher' Evening for those who could not attend or those who would like to look over again. It displays some of the learning that will take place over the next year, the topics we will cover and some expectations for the children. Underneath is the Year 3/4 general spellings lists as promised.

Our gardens

Our gardens 1
Our gardens 2

World Book Day 2019

The children in Mosaic class looked fabulous in their costumes for World Book Day. We even had four Harry Potters! Together we read and then retold the story of The Enormous Turnip as well as making our own bookmarks and book front covers.