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Welcome to Mosaic's class page for Year 6.  Here you will find resources to help your child with their learning.  We will also be celebrating our learning by posting photos throughout the year. 

Please find links below to a variety of websites that will help your child with their learning.

Year 5/6 Common Exception Words

Anderson Shelter DT Project - December 2022

Enjoying Our New Library - November 2022

Monday 28th March - Our final forest School session!

Thursday 24th March - Our Stargazing Evening!

Wednesday 16th March - Marshmallow Constellations

Forest School Lesson 3!

Children’s Mental Health Week - Motivational Monday 7th February 2022!

BOUNCE Monday 10th January 2021

Still image for this video

Monday 13th December English!

Christmas Show 2021!

Shake It Up Shakespeare! Wednesday 1st December

Friday 5th November - Explore Learning Maths Workshop!

Amazing Dancers!

Still image for this video

Amazing Drummers!

Still image for this video

Monday 18th October - African Drumming Day!

Thursday 14th October - Bug Hotel Making Part 1!

Tuesday 12th October - Science Food Chains!

Tuesday 12th October - Book Review

Friday 8th October - Hello Yellow Day!

Wednesday 6th October - some amazing two-page spreads on Nelson Mandela for Black History Month!

Amazing Artists!

Friday 10th September - Crash Bang Wallop English!

Thursday 9th September Meet The Teacher PowerPoint

Computing Wednesday 8th September

Geography Tuesday 7th September - Using Maps!

First day of Year 5! For our Stunning Start we went on a bug hunt in the allotment!!

Sports Day 2021

Well done to everyone in Year 4!

The last couple of weeks


What a return it has been! The children are excited, they are engaging and we have had some really lovely lessons. They seem brimming with home learning knowledge that they want to share and socially seem to have fallen right back into being friends all over again. Below you will find a bunch of photos taken over the last two weeks. Underneath is a ‘year in lockdown’ video that has almost everything you have sent me over the last 3 lockdowns just to give you a glimpse of what the children have achieved over what has been, let's say, a 'turbulent' year.

Mosaic - A Year in Lockdown

A short video to show all the amazing things you have achieved!

Mosaic Spring 1 - Montage Video

A small video of all the amazing learning you have taken part in this half term!

Mosaic Class - Merry Christmas Everyone (Shakin' Stevens)

Well done to everyone who contributed to this wonderful video, you are all amazing!

Mosaic Challenge - Christmas Edition (Complete)

Here it is, a round up of all the baking, creating and crafting you have been doing this week! Thank you once again to those who contributed to this video!

Mosaic Challenge - Christmas Edition

Here it is, your Mosaic Challenge - Christmas Edition. A little video detailing our Bubble Learning this week as well as your challenge. There is also a Christmas activity pack below to keep you going over the next week or so.

Christmas has arrived in Mosaic


This week saw the children undertake decorating our classroom, turning it into a winter wonderland! Every child was given the chance to decorate a part of the Christmas tree and tables were set up for the children to make Christmas decorations. We also decided to go for a little Reach2 record of longest paper chain made by a class, the class' hard work gave them a 135m long chain which can be seen in all of it's glory below!



Another lovely week in Mosaic, ending with our big pyjama day on Friday. We decided to spend a little bit of time researching Children in Need, it's history and some of the amazing things that the programme has contributed to. The children then turned this information into the beautiful two-page spreads below.

Autumn 2 - Week 1


Well we made it another week! The children once again have had a lovely week back in the classroom, we have done a little bit of fantasy novels, learnt a little about measurement and picked apart the history of nursing and the NHS. To finish it off we decided to make a lovely little display to commemorate Remembrance Day next week.

The Final Day


And here we are, at the end of our first half term! What a 7 and a bit weeks it has been! The children have been absolutely amazing, they have come back ready to learn, enquire and investigate! For our final day it only seemed right that since we all won't be having a 'normal' Halloween this year, for the children to have a Halloween day at school. We have spent the day making Halloween masks, doing some mindfulness colouring and finished it off with a 'treasure hunt' trick or treat whereby the children had a grid map of the school and had to find the clues that would spell out their answer. Once they had their answer they had to read it back to me and retrieve their goodie bag! An amazing day had by all!

Surreal Science


This week has seen the children really become mini scientists for our topic, with a mucky lesson learning out how a stomach works and re-creating one using bags, orange juice and crackers. Our main investigation this week was how to make toothpaste, rather than follow instructions or work together, I simply provided the children with the ingredients needed and allowed them to use a trial and error method of making their toothpaste. The children had a great time having to actually work things our for themselves and being really happy with the end creations!

Practical Packaging


The children today devised packaging in the shape of a lunch box. The packaging was for a healthy meal that the children came up with during a Science lesson, it was meant to hold one of each of the food groups to create a healthy, balanced meal.

This Week in Mosaic


Another well-rounded week in Mosaic class. We have completed some beautiful art inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, learnt about negative numbers by playing a board game backwards, learnt a new programme on the computers and written some amazing letters! The children are really settling into their learning again, their stamina for writing is better, their confidence in class discussions is showing and they look like they are really proud of the work they are producing! I am looking forward to seeing what next week brings!

Another Great Week!


Well, another wonderful week has gone with the children all seeming to be be settling down really well. Work is flowing, the children are engaging in classroom discussions and the work is coming our at a very high quality! This week we created a wonderful two-page spread using information we collected about Teeth and how to look after them. The children researched the information using their laptops, created a fact file during English and then used this information to help create their amazing spreads!

Well what a first week it has been! 


Mosaic have come back ready to go, their behaviour towards learning has been outstanding in their first week back. I have been blown away by how quickly they have dived back into their learning, this can be shown by the image above of our beautiful Hall of Fame which is already showcasing some of the amazing fact files that they have all created this week in English.

Mosaic Year 4 Expactations

Welcome Back!


Hi Mosaic,


Tomorrow is the day! I can't wait to welcome everyone back into the classroom, Mrs Eddison and myself are very excited to see everyone and just thought we would share some notes that might help:


  • Our P.E day is on a Thursday, children are to arrive and stay in their P.E kit, no need to get changed while restrictions are in place. Please dress for outdoor P.E as we will be taking almost all of our P.E outside where available. P.E starts next Thursday so no need to send them in kit tomorrow!
  • Pencil cases are welcome in the classroom at the moment, if you don't have one please don't worry, we have set up resource packs for those who need them.
  • Children will not be using the pegs outside the classroom to hang anything up, coats will be on the back of chairs and bags underneath, for this reason could I ask that children bring in as little as possible to minimise clutter. There will be a table for our class to place their brought in packed lunches.
  • As much as I would love to see anything they have done/created during their time away, can I ask the children not to bring anything in to show and tell just yet while restrictions are still in place, hopefully we will find a time for this in the near future!


Obviously with everything changing so quickly this information is subject to change, both the school and myself will try and keep you informed as quickly as possible!


If you have any questions over the coming days or weeks, please feel free to email me with any worries/queries/questions. I will try and get back to you as soon as I can although please understand I might not be as quick as during lockdown.


Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow! :)

End of Term/Summer Learning


Hello Everyone,


Here we are, the last day of term! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone, parents and children alike, for persevering through this difficult time. You all showed true Mosaic spirit both while in school and at home!


Below you will find a video made up of every image you have sent me since the start of lockdown, which added up to a cool 587 pictures! It is a testament to just how awesome you have all been and I hope you enjoy looking through the unique year we have all had.


Underneath the video are some summer packs for English, Maths and Topic alongside a document that holds links to various different online learning platforms should you want any summer learning to take place, there is absolutely no requirement to use them and in fact I would urge you all to enjoy the holidays as much as possible! There are also links, documents and platforms that will still be readily available through the Home Learning page.


I cannot wait to see you all in September! Enjoy the video :)


Special End of Year Kahoot: 09731244

Mosaic Lockdown Journey

What a year it's been! Here is a video to show just how amazing you all have been, both in school at during the lockdown! Every picture I have been sent since the start of lockdown has been used somewhere in this video alongside photos from school, enjoy! :)

Mosaic Challenge V15 (Well Done Everyone!)

Challenge 15, the final one before the end of term and our lockdown journey video. Thank you for all your creations and depictions over the last 15 weeks, enjoy! :)

Mosaic Challenge V14 (and challenge V15)

Your ideal playgrounds all ready to view, some information about the end of year video and an introduction to your next challenge, enjoy :)

Mosaic Challenge V13 (And Challenge V14)

Well done on your challenges everyone, here is a little video of all your creations and an introduction to next weeks challenge, enjoy! :)

Mosaic Challenge V12 (And Challenge V13)

A collection video of all of your amazing and unique school designs as well as an introduction to your next week's challenge! Enjoy :)

Mosaic Challenge V11 (And Challenge V12)

A montage of all your wonderful creations this week and an introduction to next weeks challenge. Enjoy! :)

Mosaic Challenge V10 Complete (And Challenge V11)

A compilation of all your 'Show and Tells' this week and an introduction to your new challenge for next week! Enjoy :)

Mosaic Challenge V10

Sorry it's a little late, here's an introduction to the challenge for this week :)

Mosaic Challenge V9

Well done to those who took part in our Half Term Challenge, some wonderful creations! I will be uploading a video on Sunday with your Challenge V10 for next week, enjoy! :)



Monday: 08293189

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Wednesday: 03019492

Thursday: 08084256

Friday: 01882738

Mosaic Challenge V8 (V9 + Half Term and Next Term)

All your lovely creations from this week as well as an introduction to next weeks challenge and some information about Half Term and Next Term.

Mosaic Challenge V7 (And Challenge V8)

All of your lovely Nature Art projects over the last week and an introduction to your next challenge! Enjoy :)

Mosaic Challenge V6 Complete (and challenge V7)

A video of all of your lovely rainbow art projects this week and an introduction to your new challenge for next week! Enjoy :)

Mosaic Message (And Mosaic Challenge V6)

A video displaying all of the children's wonderful messages and a little introduction at the end to next week's challenge. Enjoy! :)

Oaks Academy

Mosaic Challenge V4 Complete (and challenge V5)

Your completed projects and an introduction to next week's challenge!

Challenge V5


I would love to create a little message video of all of you, just like the teachers did. If you could all send me a small video (no longer than 30 seconds) saying hello or showing something you enjoy it would be lovely. I will then stitch them all together and create a nice video of all of us :)

Mosaic Challenge V3 Complete (And Challenge V4)

A slideshow of all the completed projects this week as well as an introduction to the next challenge and a little bit about our next topic. Enjoy :)

Mosaic Challenge V2 Complete (And Challenge V3)

A video of the children's projects this week and an introduction to next weeks challenge.

Mosaic Challenge V2.0

A different kind of challenge for the first week of the Easter holidays!

Mosaic Challenge V1.0 Finished!

Well done all of you, these pieces of work are incredible! I hope you enjoy the video :)

Mosaic Challenge V1.0

Hello Mosaic, welcome to your first 'big challenge'. Watch the video to find out what you need to do, resources will be below the video for use afterwards.

Maths Home Learning 


White Rose are releasing daily lessons in weekly batches on their home learning website linked below. These lessons follow the exact day-to-day learning that we would be following in school for Maths. Each lesson has a video for input to go through the learning, a worksheet to demonstrate understanding and an answer sheet to check over at the end. I would highly recommend using this for your daily Maths lessons at home!

Immersive Experiences


Below are two links that I think the children will really enjoy at home, one is for Now>Press>Play, An immersive audio experience for the children to listen to experiences and act out the instructions given. Best to have a set of headphones on, even better if you have a set of wireless headphones for freedom of movement, but neither are required to use.


The other is for Audible, they are offering free audio books for children during this time away for school, simply click on the link and start listening for free!

Below is a link to the expectations of Year 3, they set out some guidelines for what the children should know by the end of year. I hope this might give you some idea as to what you should be looking for when reading over your child's work.

Home Learning Book Guide

This PowerPoint takes you through the blue home learning book that children have brought home and includes some extra word mats and resources that might aid learning.

New! - IT and Coding


I'm sure you are all keeping busy with the learning packs, books, Kahoot's and challenges on top of whatever else you are doing at home. I thought I'd throw a nice IT/Coding resource into the mix. Hour of Code is a great site that provides activities and games that require the children to code their way through levels. The games are all based on popular franchises/movies/games etc and the children receive a certificate upon completion! Simply click the link below, select a level (American Grade System - Grades 2-5 for Mosaic) and your sorted! Enjoy!

Sports Relief

To celebrate Sports Relief today, Mr Reeve offered every class in the school a quick workout in the hall in the morning. The children (and myself) were given a ruthless 15 minutes exercise routine. Safe to say we were all a little out of breath after returning to the classroom and back to our work!

Potting Plants

After a terrible first try at planting Broad Beans (not a single one grew!), I popped out to buy some new ones for everyone and some better pots and compost to plant them in. This afternoon we discussed what might have gone wrong with our first batch (not enough water/light/space) before using a mixture of soil from our school garden and compost to plant our new seeds. Let's hope we see some results this time!
The children made some stunning 2-page spreads of the life cycle of a plant in Science today! They were so happy with their work I decided what better way to showcase than to publish them on our website. Well done everyone!

More World Book Day...

During the afternoon we decided to make a little trip down to Early Years to do some peer reading. The little ones we so excited to see us and demonstrate their reading to us! The children behaved beautifully, working with children around the classroom and reading with fluency and expression.

We have had a brilliant World Book Day! The children looked absolutely amazing in all of their costumes and accessories. We have spent the day learning more about the history of World Book Day while also making special, bespoke, mindfullness bookmarks to use in our reading.


Thank you to all the parents for sorting out such incredible costumes for the children and supporting such a lovely day!

The day the chairs went on strike!

The children arrived today to see the chairs had disappeared! A message was left on the board reading 'Mr Young has decided that you no longer need chairs in the classroom, so he has removed them. If you think that you do need chairs in the classroom, you will need to write a persuasive letter to to convince him to give them back!"


The children then set out planning, drafting and writing their letters to me. It was quite a chore finding a comfy position to write but as you can see they became creative with where they placed themselves. After reading some of their very convincing letters, I reluctantly decided that they do in fact require chairs in the classroom so returned them before break.

More Forces and Magnets

The children enjoyed a small experiment today as well explored how strong the magnets we had were and whether adding more magnets together would increase their strength or not. The children worked well in their groups and each came up with some great conclusions to write down in their write ups.


The children have really enjoyed developing their badminton skills this half term in our indoor P.E sessions. We have learnt some of the basic skills such as forehand and backhand grip as well as getting the serve right.


They have been extremely well behaved during these sessions, allowing us a lot more time to practice our learning each week. While the children are definitely improving, there has yet to be someone who can take on the mighty Mr Young!

Forces and Magnets

The children have been exploring the world of Forces and Magnets during Science this term. Part of this topic involved us experimenting with friction and how it can affect the amount of force applied to make an object move. 


The children have really enjoyed their science experiments this term, we have looked at what items are magnetic, are two magnets stronger than one and does friction affect the force needed to make an item move.

Mediterranean Food Tasting Afternoon

Today the children took part in a Mediterranean food tasting in the classroom. They we able to try a range of meats, cheeses, breads and fruits all from countries bordering the Mediterranean sea, these included:

  • Chorizo, Salami and Prosciutto Ham
  • Parmesan, Mozzarella and Goats Cheese
  • Foccacia, Sour Dough and Pitta
  • Olives and Spanish Oranges


The children were brilliant throughout, they all were eager to try the new foods to them and really dived into the spirit of the afternoon. Some found new foods that they are eager to eat more of, some found hidden tastes that definitely didn't agree with them but all in all it was a wonderful afternoon. 

The children had an amazing time at Pizza Express today. They learnt all about Pizza, it's ingredients and a bit of its History before taking part in making their own Margherita Pizza fresh from the restaurants ingredients. Afterwards, they were treated to a Pizza and Movie lunch in the classroom where they tasted their creations. 


The children were incredibly well behaved, with the Manager and Chef commenting on how well they responded to instructions and composed themselves during the activities. I am extremely proud of them! 

Forest School Friday

Below is a list of resources and typical home learning tasks that will help with your child's learning this year. Some are simple things that can be done in everyday life, and others are links to websites and apps that provide resources to teach to the curriculum.

World Book Day 2019

The children in Mosaic class looked fabulous in their costumes for World Book Day. We even had four Harry Potters! Together we read and then retold the story of The Enormous Turnip as well as making our own bookmarks and book front covers.