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Can you find all the hidden links? My favourite is the star fish!

Your spellings for today, chose which activities you want to do



Good morning!  It's a bit grey today...  Let's start with some music!

No English Nearpod today, we are going to focus on spellings on Fridays (link above).

Maths challenge:

Nearpod code for topic work: GJXEQ

The weather looks miserable so grab a book and curl up on the sofa.

I will post another message later on today.

Mrs Langford




I think we should all start the day with a bit of dancing, so here we go!

English Nearpod code: NKALI     Your ideas are brilliant by the way!


Back to the Iron Age and we are looking at hillforts! Nearpod code: XSTCZ


If we had been in school, we would have made our own hillfort out of papier maché.  So what about having a go at building a fort?  You could go silly with sofa cushions (check it is ok first), make a model out of plastic and cardboard recycling, play with some lego... there is even a Minecraft tutorial!  Remember they are called hillforts because they were built on a hill: make sure you understand WHY they were built on a hill!  Have a lovely day even though it supposed to rain.  Missing you a lot.

Mrs Langford





Hi Vista!  Here is your work for today:

I was listening to some Reggaeton music on my way to school this morning and I really felt like dancing!  So what about a bit of Zumba?

English Nearpod code: SZFAV



The weather is too nice to stay indoor working, so do something fun this afternoon. 

What about:

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Langford


It is a busy birthday month: happy (late) birthday to Harley, Edward, Bobby and Leo... And tomorrow it is happy birthday to Alexia!

It is a busy birthday month: happy (late) birthday to Harley, Edward, Bobby and Leo... And tomorrow it is happy birthday to Alexia! 1

And here is David's work!

Look at the amazing work from Finley!



Good morning!  It looks like another lovely day so try to go for a nice walk.

Here is Joe

English Nearpod code: XSMBZ  (If you couldn't do yesterday's lesson, the code is still valid)


Science Nearpod code; ZQCBX


Have a lovely day!


We are experiencing issues with the Nearpod website today.  If it doesn't load, take the opportunity for some creative writing (on a topic of your choice )or some reading.  You can also start doing some research work on the Iron Age.



Good morning munchkins, it's Monday again!  This week, we are discovering the Iron Age and I have got a few opportunities for amazing stories in our English Nearpod.  Shall we make a book of all your stories when we meet again?  I am looking into it.  Let's start the day!

What about a bit of yoga for a change?

English Nearpod code: QCNVS  ... What's with the teapots? Use your imagination and tell me!

Maths  Back to fractions, but there is an alternative plan if you already feel confident with those.

Iron age Nearpod: UVXMA

This is a gorgeous sunny day, so get your Vitamin D in the sun! Go and do something fun!

Mrs Langford

Do you like virtual trips?  I would love to have a virtual headset in the classroom! But we can still have a 360o tour of some amazing places.  Here are the links to 3 incredible places: the International Space station, Scott's hut in Antarctica and Svalbard in Norway... in a seeds vault!  Have a look around and think of some questions you can ask me next week.  I will set up a special Nearpod for you to post questions on Monday.  Have a lovely weekend!


Do you know what happens when you do too many things at the same time? You forget what you are doing!!! Here are the worksheets to practice your spellings! Sorry



Hello munchkins!  Are you reading enough?  The answer is no because you can never read enough!

I have set us up for some ebooks at Oxford Owl.  Just follow the link below.  The username for the class login is vista, and the password is... vista.  Just wanted to make it easy!  I know it is more online activities, so don't forget to just read "real" books from home.


Ready for the day? 

Here comes Joe:

Maths (it's challenge day)

No Nearpod for English, today I want you to practice spellings!  Not just any spellings: spelling/writing numbers up to 1000.  There is a worksheet just above to help you.

I might add a virtual trip on this page later on....






Good morning my little writers!  I very much enjoyed reading your work yesterday and I absolutely love your beautiful collaborative board so here is the link if you want to look at it with your adults:

Of course, your Nearpod codes are valid for at least 2 weeks so you can always go back to an old lesson and look through it if you wish!


Today, we finish the work on Professor Plum then some Maths.  I have also prepared you a short French lesson and an Art lesson (with a lot of reading) on a wonderful artist called Joan Miro.  I have had the opportunity to see some of his work in Spain a long time ago: it looks a bit crazy!

Don't forget to go out and get some sun!


English Nearpod code: SMHQE

Maths week 4 lesson 4:

French Nearpod code: IPGOV

Art Nearpod code: XEAGY




Good morning!  How are you this morning?  Ready for a bit of exercise?

English Nearpod code: RGNXH

Remember: if there is too much english work in the Nearpod, just do what you can.  You can always jump a lesson if you want.

Maths week 4 lesson 3:

I put all the maths worksheet on this page on Monday, so scroll down if you need them.

A bit more coding this afternoon?  Or what about making a den and reading a book? I might do just that... Don't forget to tidy up afterward!




Look! The sun is back!  Still a bit cold though...

Feel like dancing?  What about a dance class instead of Joe Wicks for today?

English Nearpod code: OLKHS

Maths Week 4 Lesson 2:

Today's lesson goes back on multiplication, so it is a chance to revise (the worksheets are just below)

Mr Young has prepared us a Science lesson on Fossils and dinosaurs, Nearpod code: IBNAH

If you want to do a bit of baking:

Don't forget to do something fun and to get some sun!

Mrs Langford




Good morning and welcome to Week 4!  I hope you have had a lovely weekend full of safe partying and chocolate cakes.  

Ready for the week?  Let's start!


Exercise with Joe:

English Nearpod code: TKYDN

Maths lesson Week 4 lesson 1:

Science Nearpod code:  FZQMW


The science lesson is about Rocks and it is not easy, so if you find it difficult, jump straight to the video at the end of the presentation.  I will post later on a "knowledge organiser" which recaps everything we will look at (or would have looked at) over a few weeks.

I will also post the worksheets that go with your Maths lessons this week.

Have a lovely day and don't get blown by the wind when you go for a walk!



We won! 

Well done Vista for winning the TTRockstars tournament.  Especially: Alexia, Lauren and Isa who really pushed it and grabbed the win!

Are you ready for the next one?  

Keep practising those times tables because I feel Mosaic might challenge us soon...

But we are ready for them Vista, aren't we?!

Big hug from Mrs Langford



Bonjour!  It is a Bank holiday today but some of you might want a bit of work.

Here is the follow up English lesson, Nearpod code: PUQIM

And the final French trip, Nearpod code: RIHZN

The following website has plenty of art and craft activities:

Don't forget our tournament ends today at 3pm and we are doing brilliantly!


Have a lovely weekend!




Good morning Vista!  Here is today's work:

English Nearpod code: RIETU


French Nearpod code: MKHCZ


I have also added some more VE day activities (part 2 just below).  Did you have a go yesterday?

My children made the scones, but without the potatoes:


We will have a go at the bunting today.

I will send some work tomorrow for the ones who want to.  If you do anything amazing this weekend and you want your pictures on our class page, make sure your parents tell me so when they send the pictures.

Finally, we are doing so well on our tournament: some of you have turned into amazing times tables machines!  Well done!

Mrs Langford



We are heading fast to Friday, but it is not a usual Friday because it is the 8th of May.  It marks the official end of WW2.  It is a very emotional and special day for many people all over Europe.  When you get to Year 6, you will study this period, but in the meantime, you will hear a lot about it over the next few days.  It might not mean a lot to you, but it changed the world.  So let's start celebrating and honouring the people whose sacrifice made our lives a little bit better... in a happy way.

Let's dance the Lindy Hop! It was such a popular dance in 1940's Britain... So were the Jive and the Swing.  But first, you need to master the Charleston step...  Sounds weird?  Those dance steps are still used today as the basis for Hip Hop and Breakdance!  It is not easy so keep working on it, grab a parent and twirl them around!

We are still working on English and Maths:

English Nearpod code: RENFV

Maths week 3 lesson 3:

And Wednesday is coding day - check previous posts for login.

Don't forget our TTR tournament, we might just beat Mosaic!

Finally, to prepare for VE day, I will post some activities later on in the day.

Enjoy the sun!

Mrs Langford




Hello Vista!

Cold start this morning...Brrr....  Let's warm up with some exercise.

English Nearpod code: LZBHV

Maths Week 3 Lesson 2:

Our second Bronze Age lesson Nearpod code: LRXAN

In the meantime, get on TTR and get to our tournament: Mosaic is crushing us!!!

Mrs Langford




Good morning!  I hope you have had a lovely weekend and it looks like the sun is back.

Ready for today's work? PE with Mrs Wicks

English Nearpod code FRSPB

Maths week 3 lesson 1 (revising money)

History Nearpod code IKRCJ (Bronze Age)


I have challenged Mosaic on TTR

The challenge starts today at 9am and finishes Friday at 3pm.  So...

"May the 4th be with you!"

(I really could not resist the joke...)

Mrs Langford




And also: 

I created a Kahoot quiz for you.  The code to enter is 09141421

Here is the link

Can you get the 10 questions correctly?  The quiz will be live until Monday lunchtime!



First of the month!  Can you believe it is already May?

Traditionally in the UK, the Celts used to celebrate the festival of Beltane on the 1st of May.  It represents the exact equal point between Spring and Summer.  It was a time of celebration, fun, parties and dancing around the Maypole.  It is known nowadays as Workers'day in many countries around the world.  And in France? There it is a bank holiday and traditionally people offer each other a few sprigs of Lily of the Valley for good luck.  So here is mine to you:

But we still have work to do wink, so here the Nearpod code for English: NVSUC

Today's maths is another maths challenge

And our geography lesson takes us on a Virtual trip to the Eiffel Tower! Nearpod code: SBFAI

Have a lovely day and a great weekend!

Mrs Langford



Already Thursday?  The week is flying and we have lovely lessons for today.


Get fit time:  Thanks Joe!

English Nearpod code: WSOTX    It's a bit of a different challenge today.

Maths week 2 lesson 4: problem solving (sad)

If it is getting too hard or just a bit complicated, jump to and practice your times tables or your arithmetic instead.  We can always catch up on fractions later.

Finally... a lesson I would have loved to do with you: Skara Brae! 

Here is the Nearpod code: IBEKM  and thank you to Mr Young for putting this lesson together.


Missing you loads, take care and stay safe.

Mrs Langford





Good morning!  It's raining againsad but we won't let it ruin the day.

Ready for some exercise?

English Nearpod code: CLFRE

Maths Week 2 lesson 3:

Espresso coding:

Reminder: login is Student71035 and password is discovery.


I have been receiving some beautiful pictures of the Vista pupils!  I am glad you are all doing well.  

Next week, Monday to Friday, we are taking our revenge on Mosaic in a TTR challenge.  If you have lost your login, just send me a mail, text.

I have reset the times tables on TTR as some of you were finding it difficult.  Enjoy!





Oh what a rainy Tuesday... If you manage to get your head out from under the quilt, here is the work for today!

Exercise with Joe:

English Nearpod code: SLRZX (to remind you, the link is:

Maths week 2 lesson 2:

French Nearpod code: PVKOJ


And it looks like a miserable day outside so grab a blanket and a book this afternoonwink

Have a lovely snuggly cosy day!

Mrs Langford


oops!  I posted the wrong Nearpod code for English!  The one I gave you is a lesson I discarded.  This is the correct one: PXJYF

Don't worry if you have done the first one I posted, you just had to listen to my son reading aloud!



Welcome to week 2 of Summer term.  I hope you have had a lovely weekend.  Thank you to all the parents who have emailed me recently, it was lovely to hear from you and to know you are well and safe.  If you have not been in contact in the last few weeks, send me a quick email so I know you are doing fine.

Today, we keep reading the adventures of Stig and Barney; we will then do a variety of activities set up by the Oak Academy.  I remind you that to join our Nearpod lessons, just go to:   then enter the code provided.  Did you know you can access it from an XBox? (No children, that does not mean you need an XBox...)


Let's start with some exercise! If you want something a bit different than Joe Wicks, you can try Coach Wood:

English Nearpod code: RSNTJ

Maths White Rose Week 2 lesson 1:

History Nearpod code: MQNUI


And finally: Happy birthday Izzie!





It's Friday!  Today's work is a little bit different.  I went for a long walk yesterday and I discovered this in the woods:


Doesn't it look like Stig's home?

I hope it inspires you because for English, today, we are writing a story!

Here is the Nearpod code to help you: FWXJY


Maths is also different because White Rose Maths have joined with the BBC and set up a big challenge.  Here is the link:

Only questions 1,2,3 and 4...  The rest is for older children but you are welcome to have a go!


And finally, Year 3 is taking a little trip to... France!  Mr Young has found this great virtual trip on Nearpod.  The code is: EMYSH.


Have a lovely weekend, stay safe, have fun and do something extra special for your grown ups who are all working very hard for you.wink


Mrs Langford


Happy birthday Lacey-Mai!

Happy birthday Lacey-Mai! 1

We are so proud of you Finley!

We are so proud of you Finley! 1



Good morning! Are you ready for your exercise with Joe Wicks?

English Nearpod code: SPGHY

Maths lesson 4:

Mr Young prepared a bit of art for this afternoon, Nearpod code: HNFGV


And don't forget that if you need additional work or maybe some easier/harder maths, check out the Oak National Academy and BBC bitesize.  Many children all over the UK are using those.

Here are the links again:


Finally, we have 2 birthdays coming up, tomorrow and Sunday...  Can you guess who?  I hope to have pictures to share with all of you!  Have a lovely day!

Mrs Langford





It is so lovely to see you!

It is so lovely to see you! 1 Very productive Izzie!
It is so lovely to see you! 2 I am sending a mammoth your way...
It is so lovely to see you! 3 George is ready too!
It is so lovely to see you! 4 Amazing drawing from David
It is so lovely to see you! 5 Looking cool Finley
It is so lovely to see you! 6 Finley is going hunting too!



Halfway through the week already!  I hope you are all doing well.  Who has been struggling with Maths?

Fractions are not easy, I am putting something together in order to support you if you find the White Rose lessons a bit difficult. I will get back to you as soon as possible, but in the meantime, don't give up: go back to previous lessons if you need to.


Today's lessons:


If you are bit sore or fed up with Joe or want a bit of fun before his lesson:


English Nearpod code: FAXIJ




Coding on

login: Student71035       Password: discovery



I know it is a bit late for daffodils, but can you turn this into a tulip?


Of course, don't forget to practice your times tables with and your arithmetic with topmarks.  Also, let's join all those other children in the UK and check out as well as


Finally: missing you loads, even the chatty ones.  Be good and I hope to see you soonwink


Mrs Langford



Bonjour Vista!  Here are today's lessons...


Exercise with Joe Wicks:


English Nearpod code: PHOCL


Maths lesson 2:


History Nearpod code: JGLBA 


And finally, I would like you to go over the BBC bitesize english and maths lessons:






Good morning Vista: here is the plan for today, try to do as much as you can all by yourself!


Exercise with Joe Wicks:


English Nearpod code: KAGQP  (




History Nearpod code: PVWZQ    (


Also 10 minutes handwriting practice, 10 minutes times table practice on and 10 minutes arithmetic on



It's Friday!  Today's Nearpod (code: FWPHM) looks at what predators have in common.  It's a quick and easy one.  Enjoy the last day of the "holidays", we have plenty of work planned for you starting Monday!

Have a lovely weekend, stay home and stay safe.

Mrs Langford

What a beautiful Thursday morning!  I hope you all get a bit of sun and fresh air while keeping safe.

Today's Nearpod code is YRJQO.  It's all about fossils!

Mrs Langford

Hi!  Here is the code for today's (Wednesday) lesson: HGJBE

It is a short one from the BBC about sharks.  Maybe you can do some TTR or some exercise with Joe Wicks!

Have a lovely day!

Good morning Vista!  This week, we will be looking at our secondary topic: Predators!

Here is the Nearpod code: WPQXG

Have fun!

Mrs Langford

Picture 1

Good morning Vista!  As today is Good Friday, I won't set any work.  It is a very important time of the year for some of you so I want you to make it extra special for your family.  So instead, here is a link to a cookie French!

You are still welcome to go on TTR and keep scoring those points!  I will be back on Tuesday with some more work, this time on Predators!

Enjoy this sunny Easter weekend, don't eat too much chocolate and take care.

Mrs Langford

Thursday 09-04-2020 and today's code for Nearpod is: QJGAT

Don't forget our Times Tables Rockstars competition against Mosaic!

Have a lovely sunny day!

Mrs Langford

Well done David! It looks amazing!

Well done David!  It looks amazing! 1

Good morning Vista!  Here is the code for today's work (08-04-2020):


And don't forget our TTR challenge!  We have to beat Mosaic!

Bonjour! Today (07-04-2020), it's all about tribal art.  Here is the code for your Nearpod: TDGZB yes

Good morning!  Today's Nearpod code is: ICMWL

Enjoy the first day of the holidays!

Amazing "pictures" from your trip to the zoo!

Amazing "pictures" from your trip to the zoo! 1
Amazing "pictures" from your trip to the zoo! 2
Amazing "pictures" from your trip to the zoo! 3
Amazing "pictures" from your trip to the zoo! 4

And the work for today...

You should receive an email today outlining a little bit more about what will be happening over Easter.


Today we are going on a school trip to the Zoo! The link is below and the tour will start at 10am.


The NearPod has a collaboration slide which allows the children to write about their favourite part or what they can see, the rest of the class will be able to see the comments as will I. There is then some space to write to me about what they enjoyed about the tour and a Draw it section to finish off.  Thank you to Mr Young for setting it all up!


3rd April - Today's nearpod: QAUZP


Discovery Education login: Student71035       Password: discovery

And who's birthday was it on the 1st? Jack!

Still image for this video
Happy birthday Jack!

Good morning! You will find today's work and codes in this document. Have a lovely day. C. Langford

Good morning!  Today's codes are NMLWA for English and SFJHV for Science.  I have explained the work in the document "Vista home tasks" just below.  By the end of the week, I would love to see the children working more independently so parents can get on with their own work.  Remember that the work will not be marked by teachers, but I am very happy to look at it.  Just send me a photo via email.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Langford

Home tasks for Wednesday 1st April

NearPod Home Learning


After successfully trailing yesterdays new nearpod lesson we have created another, fuller lesson for you to go through on the app. The lesson is about the Trojan War, there will be a video followed by a PowerPoint for the input and the work will be in the form of an open ended question and task at the end (to be completed in either your books, paper or typed on the app). As myself and Mr Young get more used to planning and preparing in this format you will find us hopefully starting to prepare more of these daily . The PIN's will stay active for around a week to give you plenty of time to complete each lesson so don't feel any pressure to get them done straight away.


31st March - Today's nearpod: WTRMH



Maths Home Learning 


White Rose are releasing daily lessons in weekly batches on their home learning website linked below. These lessons follow the exact day-to-day learning that we would be following in school for Maths. Each lesson has a video for input to go through the learning, a worksheet to demonstrate understanding and an answer sheet to check over at the end. I would highly recommend using this for your daily Maths lessons at home!

Special message from Mrs Langford

Still image for this video
My laptop video camera is really not flattering...

Features of a diary

Bonjour!  It's Friday!  Today you would have been tested on your times tables.  You should all be very confident with your X2, X5, X10, X3 and X4.  If it is not the case, you know what to do.  

Remember you can test yourself and practice on:

You are all familiar with the site as we have used it often in class.

Also, this week and the next, we would have been working on writing a diary in English.  We went through the features of a diary in class.  Can you start writing a diary?  It doesn't have to be true.  We are not having the most exciting adventures stuck in our homes!  What about a fantasy diary?  Maybe you fought the Nemean lion like Hercules?  Or you sailed a boat to the Hebrides guided by dolphins?


Good morning Vista!  Today, Thursday, as well as some English and Maths work, what about a bit of art?  You have all been brilliant at guided drawing, becoming more secure in your use of "art lines" (can you name them all?), but most of you have struggled with proportions.  Here is a link to today's suggested art work:

Romero Britto is an amazing artist whose art has brought joy and peace all over the world.  So enjoy!

I will be emailing your parents today and giving them my school email address so you can send me your pictures.  I will post a picture of my piece of art this afternoon.

Have a lovely day!

Mrs Langford

It's Thursday! It's art day!

It's Thursday!  It's art day! 1

Bonjour!  Aujourd'hui c'est Mercredi. Do you remember what it means?  Here is your challenge of the day: find and learn the days of the week in French.  I hope you had a lovely day yesterday.  Keep working your way through the maths programme on fractions.  Why not start with our usual "daily 10"?  Maybe you can challenge your grown ups too?  Here is the link:

Don't forget to enjoy the sun, but remember: no contact and wash your hands!

Mrs Langford

Good morning Vista!  Welcome to day 2 of homeschooling


Did you manage to do any work yesterday?  

It can be a bit overwhelming to decide what to start with, so, those are my suggestions for today:

15 minutes handwriting practice - Maths: pages 1 and 2 of Fractions Steps 1-9 - English: Spag Activity mat 1 (we have done it in class 2 months ago) then write a short story (you chose the theme, it doesn't have to be about ancient Greece) using a range of prepositions.  Have you forgotten about prepositions?  Here is a reminder:

Do not forget to exercise.  If you have a garden, enjoy the sun.  You can always rely on Joe Wicks to keep you fit.  

Do something nice for your grown-ups too.  Help around the house or tidy your bedroom?

I will update this page regularly. See you soon.

Mrs Langford

Hello everyone, below you will find resources, plans and activities to support your child's learning during this time. Each of them should have their two exercise books, a blue book full of printed resources and lessons ready-made with a PowerPoint guide below to help you through, and a purple book that is empty and for use with the online resources also listed below.


Each resource has been created to support your child's learning process. There are activities ranging throughout the curriculum and they will be updated routinely as needed. 

Home Learning Book Guide

This PowerPoint takes you through the blue home learning book that children have brought home and includes some extra word mats and resources that might aid learning.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1 I love creative costumes, and what a great book!
World Book Day 2 Triple trouble...
World Book Day 3 Meanwhile in Wonderland
World Book Day 4 We designed our own Mr Men
World Book Day 5 An incredible picture
World Book Day 6 Great Pikature...
World Book Day 7 Great picture Lacey
World Book Day 8 We read to EYFS children in the afternoon
World Book Day 9 We read to EYFS children in the afternoon
World Book Day 10 We read to EYFS children in the afternoon

Here is a link to a non exhaustive Year 3 reading list.  A book is always a great stocking filler...wink



What an amazing first week back! Ask your child about cookbooks, how to write a recipe, the Mayan creation story and... what we are doing in PE!

What an amazing first week back!  Ask your child about cookbooks, how to write a recipe, the Mayan creation story and...  what we are doing in PE! 1 Oh the amazing Maya civilisation!

spellings due Friday 15/11/2019

Below is a list of home learning resources that might be useful for the coming year. It provides everyday learning ideas as well as links to websites and apps.

You will find below the Powerpoint presentation shared this afternoon. A recommended books reading list will follow shortly. It was a real pleasure to meet so many parents!

Using our research skills, we have been learning new facts about pirates!

Using our research skills, we have been learning new facts about pirates! 1

In Vista we have been learning about position and direction in maths. We have been moving left, right, forwards and backwards and turning using quarter turns and half turns.

In Vista we have been learning about position and direction in maths. We have been moving left, right, forwards and backwards and turning using quarter turns and half turns. 1
In Vista we have been learning about position and direction in maths. We have been moving left, right, forwards and backwards and turning using quarter turns and half turns. 2

Some sneaky pirates have taken over the Vista pirate ship!

Some sneaky pirates have taken over the Vista pirate ship! 1
Some sneaky pirates have taken over the Vista pirate ship! 2

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1
World Book Day 2019 2
World Book Day 2019 3
World Book Day 2019 4

All the children in Vista class looked amazing on World Book Day!