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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is when someone is forced, pressurised or tricked into taking part in any kind of sexual activity with another person.


Examples of sexual abuse include:

  • being touched in a way you don't like without giving permission or consent
  • someone flashing or exposing themselves to you online or offline
  • being forced to have sex (intercourse), look at sexual pictures or videos, do something sexual or watch someone do something sexual.


Sexual abuse can include lots of things like rape and sexual assault, sexual harassment, online grooming and domestic abuse or violence


It can also include sexual exploitation (being pressure into having sex with someone in return for getting something like money or drugs), sexting or child pornography.


Facts about sexual abuse:

  • sexual abuse can happen to both girls and boys
  • someone could be sexually abused by a stranger, somebody they love and trust or a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • someone could be sexually abused by a person of the same sex
  • sexual abuse isn’t always ‘full sex’ – it can also include touching, kissing, oral sex or anything sexual
  • sexual abuse can happen online as well as offline


Support Networks



RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) - Help for Parents of Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused by Family Members





Stop it Now - Resources for Parents of Survivors