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11 Before 11

REAch2  have a trust-wide enrichment programme that aims to offer all pupils 11 amazing experiences before they leave primary school. 


At Camulos we will be launching our promises this year with each year group completing the following:


  • EYFS - Seeds to Supper (Cook a home cooked meal)
  • Year 1 - 10 Good Deeds
  • Year 2 - Caring Campaigners
  • Year 3 - Create Something Amazing
  • Year 4 - Mess about on Water and Culture Vulture
  • Year 5 - Hiking Heroes and Sleeping under the Stars
  • Year 6 - Cross a Border and Enterprise Week
  • Whole School - Make or Break a Reach2 Record and Shake it Up Shakespeare


These promises will stick with the year they are assigned so that children will complete each step from EYFS throughout their time at Camulos. Each promise has been designed to go with a certain topic within that year group or a key skill that will be taught that year, for instance, Sleeping under the Starts will fit perfectly with Year 5's topic 'Stargazers' and Messing about on Water will take place during Year 4's topic 'Flow'.

Reach2 11 before 11 Film

A short introduction to the concept of 11 before 11

The Promises