Camulos Academy

Bringing Learning to Life

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mrs Frith-Sly - Headteacher
Miss Cox - Deputy Headteacher + KS2 Teacher
Mrs Shurvinton - DSL, Child & Family Welfare
Miss Webb - School Business Manager

Middle Leadership

Miss Siggery - Early Years Teacher
Miss Daines - Key Stage 1 Teacher
Mr Greatorex - SENCO & Key Stage 2 Teacher

Teaching Staff

Miss Ince - EYFS Teacher
Miss Nix - KS1 Teacher
Miss Pickard - KS1 Teacher
Mrs Campbell - KS1 Teacher
Mr Orrin - KS2 Teacher
Mrs Langford - KS2 Teacher
Mr Young - KS2 Teacher
Mrs Asbridge - KS2 Teacher
Mrs Nair - KS2 Teacher
Miss Maxwell - KS2 Teacher
Miss Eels - KS2 Teacher

Educational Support Staff (LSA)

Miss Pickard - LSA
Mrs Draper - LSA
Ms Mogos - LSA
Mr Woods - LSA
Miss Masters - LSA
Mrs Foster - LSA
Ms Dines - LSA
Mrs Healey - LSA
Mrs Seago - LSA
Mrs Thurstans - LSA
Mrs Eddison - LSA
Mrs Brender - LSA
Miss Patten - LSA
Mrs Bullock - LSA
Mr Reeve - PE and Forest School Lead
Miss Fitch-Holland - HLTA
Mrs Dafedar - HLTA

Support Staff

Mrs Baldry - Administrative Officer
Miss Webb - School Business Manager
Mrs Allen - Office Manager
Mrs Welfare - Receptionist
Mr Formby - Site Manager
Mrs White - Catering Manager
Miss Lennie - Catering Assistant
Mrs Quinn - Catering Assistant
Mrs Kondepudi - MDA

REAch2 Staff

Mrs Harper - Deputy Director of Education
Mr Henson - Associate School Leader