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Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Welcome to the Camulos Wellbeing and Mindfulness page

Wellbeing and Mindfulness


The wellbeing of pupils at Camulos Academy is a very high priority. We have adopted different approaches to addressing wellbeing and focus on key areas to ensure and help manage the children’s learning of the important concept of looking after yourself. This page is to help support the children in managing their own wellbeing. 

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All the staff are available should any of the children wish to discuss any concerns.



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Here are some non-screen activities for your children to do at home

Parent support for Children's wellbeing 


Place2Be have created a Parenting Advice Page from their own child mental health experts. 

Please follow the link below to seek support:

Congratulations to Alfie Mostkow in Juno Class for winning our Wellbeing Mascot Competition and a big welcome to O'Calmus the Wellbeing Owl!


visit for more information. 

Primary aged activities for Mental health week

Top five ways to help support children's wellbeing

Step 1 - Be yourself!


Recognising your character strengths is a great way to build your confidence and appreciate the uniqueness you bring to the world. By shifting the focus from the things you can’t do yet to what you can, you emphasise the positive aspects of your character.


Below our some activities and a story which might help.

Step 2 - Be grateful!


It can be easy to feel other people’s lives are better than our own, especially when we’re bombarded with perfect images on social media. One idea is to bring attention to what’s working well in your/their life by developing gratitude skills. To develop these skills, you can use techniques such as starting a gratitude jar, writing a gratitude journal or having a gratitude conversation.


Below our some activities which might help.

Step 3 - Be mindful!


Our minds can be very busy, getting pulled into thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Finding ways to focus on what’s happening in the present moment is another way to build your wellbeing. A way in which you can help develop these skills is drawing for 10 minutes. Set a timer for 10 minutes and challenge yourself to draw something you can see. This activity isn’t about what the drawing looks like, it’s about whether you are able to focus on the activity and bring your attention back when it wanders.


Below our some activities which might help.

Step 4 - Be kind!


Kindness is a win-win for wellbeing. When we’re kind to others, we not only boost the person we're talking to's wellbeing; it tends to have the same effect on our own sense of wellness too.

Being kind can help us connect with others, and our relationships play a crucial role in our mental health and wellbeing in the long term. There are hundreds of ways children and adults can show kindness every day. And it can be fun to sometimes turn these acts into larger events, to really emphasise their importance and value.


Below our some activities which might help.

Step 5 - Be resilient


Being resilient means bouncing back when you encounter challenges, set backs or failures. We all go through times when we struggle, so building our resilience is crucial to helping us cope. One way to build resilience is developing a growth mindset. This relates to the belief that our abilities and intelligence can develop with practice, feedback and effort. Children with a growth mindset are more likely to try again when they fail at something, and also to attempt to learn how they can improve.


Below are some activities which might help. 

The following link includes videos to demonstrate growth mindset: