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Juvenile Fire Setters

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Fire and rescue services have a huge role to play in tackling wider social issues when working with local communities.

We've created and adapted a number of intervention programmes which are delivered across Essex to a wide range of individuals.


Juvenile Fire-setters

Many children and young people have a fascination with fire, but for some this fascination can take a dangerous turn and lead to fire setting. This is where Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s Juvenile Fire-Setters Scheme can help.

The Juvenile Fire-setter scheme (JFS) is a free service that aims to deter children from becoming involved with fire-setting behaviour. Our trained advisors can offer help and guidance to young people up to and including 17 years of age. Our advisors work in pairs and can visit children in their homes, at school or a designated place of safety. The scheme has been in existence since 1997 in that time, we have engaged with thousands of children.

Signs of fire setting include:

  • Small burn holes in carpets
  • Charred paper in sinks or bins
  • Matches or lighters in your child's bedroom, school bag or coat
  • An unusual fascination with fire
  • Unexplained fires in the home.

Anyone can make a direct referral to the Juvenile Fire-Setter scheme. Historically we have received referrals from families, schools and other related agencies. An intervention can only take place with the permission of the parent / guardian of the child. For further information regarding the Juvenile Fire-Setter scheme and/or to make a referral, please contact:

Phone: 01376 576022