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School Council were helping prepare decorations for the Christmas Fair, while discussing school issues!

WOW, what an amazing end to 2020-2021 academic year! Everyone in the School Council this year have been amazing, especially organising, creating and hosting a fun fair for the whole school! Well done!

Tuesday 2nd March - we are excited!!

On Friday 26th February, School Council had another virtual Teams Meeting! We discussed plans for returning to school and fundraising ideas for the future!

At the last School Council meeting the children decided we should participate in Postcards for Kindness! On Friday 5th February, as part of Children's Mental Health Week, key worker children created some lovely postcards which were dropped off to a local care home. After being quarantined over the weekend, on Monday 8th February we had a lovely response! Keep spreading kindness everyone!

On Friday 22nd January, despite lock down School Council were still able to meet virtually for the first time! We discussed home and school learning, fundraising and activities for the future!

On Friday 6th November we had a school council meeting! We discussed issues with the school and prepared for Children In Need!

For EYFS Neptune, we have the lovely Stanley! Stanley says school is so much fun, he loves everything about it!

For Year 6 Chariot, we have the lovely Dylan! Dylan would like to make the school a better and eco friendly place for everyone to make a change for the better!

For Year 3 Vulcan, we have the lovely Iman! Iman thinks Camulos Academy is a good school, because the teachers care about the children. She also likes Camulos, because she has lots of friends here!

For Year 1 Flora we have the lovely Jivani! Jivani believes in being polite, being kind, being friendly and helping others!

For Year 4 Mosaic we have the lovely Kezia! Kezia would live to make learning more fun!

For Year 2 Juno we have the lovely Harrison! Harrison is passionate about Science and would love to do more experiments in school!

For Year 2 Aurora, we have the lovely Joshua! Joshua is special because he is kind and likes to make jewellery for his friends! Joshua would like to get more equipment for playtime and raise money for charity!

For Year 3 Apollo, we have the lovely Mason! Mason thinks he is special because he is a good friend and listener! For school, he would like to get more playground equipment so everyone can have more fun!

For Year 5 Luna, we have the lovely Ethan!

For Year 5 Orcus, we have the lovely Charlotte P! Charlotte is special because she is a good friend and is very caring! She wants to promote kindness throughout the school and make everyone feel included!

For EYFS Minerva class, we have the lovely Charlotte S!

Hello! Welcome to Camulos Academy's Student Council page! On here you will find information relating to the student council members themselves, outcomes from meetings and activities organised and done by student council! - Miss Maxwell