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School Hours

The Camulos Academy Day 2023/24

Schools are expected to be teaching a minimum of 32.5 hours each week at the latest from September 2023.

The 32.5 hours includes all the time that all pupils are expected to be in school from the point at which the register is taken to the end of the school day.  This includes break times, lunch times assemblies and so on.  However, it does not include optional before or after school clubs.

The school day starts at 8:40am. Children should be in their classroom at this time. Registers are taken as follows throughout the school day:

  • Registers are marked by 8.50am. Children will receive a late mark if they are not in their classroom by this time.
  • After lunch, registers are marked by 1:00pm for those in EYFS & KS1, at 1.15pm for pupils in Years 3 & 4 and at 1.30pm for those in Years 5 & 6. This is due to different lunch times. Children will receive a late mark if they are not in their classroom by this time.
  • The register closes ten minutes after it is first taken. Children will receive a mark of absence if they are not present.
  • All pupils now finish at 3.20pm

Children in Key Stage 1 will be dismissed from their classroom doors where their parent or carer will be on the playground waiting to collect them. Children in Early Years will also be dismissed from their classrooms but out into their outside area and through the Early Years gate. Children in Year 3 will be lead from their classrooms down the staircase closest to their classrooms and down onto the playground. At the same time, children in Year 4 will be lead down the staircase by the Headteacher’s office and then dismissed by the staircase nearest the hall. Children in Years 5 and 6 who have been given permission to walk home alone, will walk down with their classes and then leave via the playground gates. Year 5 will be lead from the staircase nearest the Year 3 classrooms while Year 6 will dismiss from the staircase nearest the Headteacher’s office and be dismissed from the doors nearest the hall.

Any pupil being collected by an adult who is not their parent, must arrange this with the school and use a password.