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Christmas Show 2022

Year 3 - September 2021

Welcome to the Aurora Year 3 page! Here you will find information about what we are learning in class as well as links to spelling and maths homework tasks.

Ukulele Lesson #3- January 27th 2022

In our lesson today, we worked on chords C and A minor. We played and sang along with the songs ‘Star light, Star bright’ and ‘A sailor went to Sea’.

Ukulele lesson! January 13th 2022

Aurora had their first ukulele lesson today! We learned how to hold the instrument properly, how to strum and pluck the strings and we began learning a song about a dog with fleas!

Sunset paintings-December 2021

We added silhouettes to our paintings to create these lovely ‘Stonehenge at Sunset’ pictures! We have been finding out how ancient people may have used the famous site.

Today, Aurora used their colour mixing skills to create a sunset background. Check back here for the finished pieces later!

Visit from Reverend Gibbs-December 1st 2021

Year 3 had a visit from Reverend Gibbs. He came to talk to the children about the story of Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas for Christians. The children had lots of interesting questions to ask Reverend Gibbs!

Stone Age Day- 26th November 2021

We had a wonderful day finding out more about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age! The children were able to see and hold a range of artefacts and had a chance to spear a woolly mammoth!

Meet the Teacher information

Spellings- Autumn 1

Spellings:13th September 2021

Year 2

Welcome to Aurora's class page. Here you will find out information regarding your children's learning for this year. If there are any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Support for Teams online learning

Oxford Owl Online Library 


Please use the Oxford Owl website to access online reading resources and stories. 



Username: aurora1

Password: camulos

Hello everyone, below you will find resources, plans and activities to support your child's learning during this time. 

Home learning pack 7 (Summer 2 week 5, 6 and 7)


For the next two weeks of home learning, you will find a document labelled 'Home learning pack summer 2 week 5, 6 and 7' below. This document lays out two weeks worth of Maths, English and Foundation subjects. There is a page outlining the lessons we would like you to complete for each subject in the pack. If there is any accompanying worksheets they will be found on the next pages of the document. On top of this, some of the lessons require an accompanying PowerPoint or resource pack these are found underneath the home learning document below. We have also included links to other websites and resourceful online learning. These are optional and are in addition to the home learning packs that we have sent out. We understand that these times are difficult and children may struggle to complete learning at home. So please try your best and if you have any questions do not hesitate to email us.


If you were looking for more work for your child to do, there are several websites that you can access that have daily lessons on. Please see below:


It is important to still ensure that your child is practising their phonics. Support on this is found on the Camulos Academy RWI page. > 


More support can be found on On this website you will find Set 1, 2 and 3 sounds. Most of the Year 1 children are still learning Set 2 and 3 sounds. Start with Set 2 sounds and if your child can access the learning quite easily then move to Set 3. Some children were in the shared reading group whereby they read passages and books and answered comprehension questions. If this is your child (they should know, if not if they know all the Set 3 sounds move onto shared reading) Continue to use the comprehension questions from the last two weeks (scroll down to find reading comprehension questions document). 


Keep up the good work!

Online learning available from the Government - 


You may have recently become aware that the Government have released an online learning resource website for parents to use as home learning. This is optional and additional work already set by the class teacher. Please do not feel you have to use this resource but we have put it on here so it is available if you need it.

Summer week 1 and 2 home learning pack attachments 

Spellings - Hi all, please find attached the next few weeks of spellings if you are looking for some extra activities.

Daily timetable 


In year 1 we recommend sticking to a timetable each day. This will hopefully help ease the transition for your child and keep some stability and normality. Below I have listed roughly what our daily timetables look like:


8.30-9.00 - Reading

9.00-9.30 - Daily exercise (see joe wicks PE video on YouTube)

9.30-10.20 - English work

10.20-10.45 - Phonics 

10.45-11.00 - Have a break and snack 

11.00-12.00 - Maths

12.00-1.00 - Lunch 

1.00-1.20 - Handwriting (practise forming letters correctly)

1.20-2.45 - Foundation curriculum lesson

2.45-3.00 - Read them a story 


We hope this helps! :-) 

Hi all, I have attached a document which outlines the end of year objectives that we aim to meet for Year 1 for each subject. Please use this document as a guideline as every child's learning is different and unique. It should help you see the expectation we have for our Year 1s and what we aim to achieve by the end of Year 1. (Taken from the Government national curriculum document)

Below is a link that opens a Virtual Bookbag, the Collins e-books follow the reading scheme we have in school and allows the children a hub of books to enjoy. Simply click the link, enter your details and start reading!

Start the day off right!

Hi all, if you’re looking for useful apps to help support their learning - give these a try!

‘We’re going on a bear hunt’

Children learnt the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, they made binoculars and went in search of the bear around the school grounds and forest area.

Firefighters’ fun

Last week children had a visit from the firefighters. They got to learn all about the fire truck, uniform and what the firefighters do. Children were super excited to get to try out the helmets and sit in the back of the fire truck.

Our fantastic Easter holiday learning

Caterpillar Watch

Aurora class have been super excited to receive their caterpillars. After learning the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, children are keen to observe them grow and change. Keep an eye on Tapestry and Twitter for caterpillar updates.

Balloon Beards

Aurora class enjoyed their Science lesson on Static Electricity this week. They got to explore how the balloons stuck to them and also giving the balloon faces a beard with the mixed spices. Children loved seeing how it worked.