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Year 6
Welcome to Vulcan’s Class Page

On this page, you will find information and pictures of what Vulcan have been up to this year. 

Meet the Teacher - Year 6

Vulcan’s Curriculum

⚡️⚡️ Science - Electricity Investigation ⚡️⚡️

Mersea Residential Information Slides

Spring Term 2023


We started our new Geography topic by locating well-known coasts around the world. We used atlases to locate places and label our maps.

Autumn term 2022


We have had a busy autumn term! From learning about materials, investigating marble runs to being Tudors for the day! Here are some highlights of the term so far….

Marble Run Project

The children have had a very productive morning as they started their marble run building. We have been following an ‘iterative’ approach, evaluating and rethinking as the work progresses. Lots of great teamwork and cooperation! After lunch, the marble runs were finished and decorated. Tomorrow, the testing will begin!

Please find below the link to the slides presented at the Meet the Teacher session. Any questions, please get in touch with Mrs Nair or Mr Greatorex!

Christmas Time (sort of)


Hi everyone,


Sorry for not posting anything in a while, just me being a little bit useless at getting the iPad at during key moments! As I will not be in for a little while, and because I am such a big fan of Christmas, I decided to move up our big Christmas decorating day to today! We have spent the day decorating the Christmas Tree, making our own decorations and basically making a (christmassy) mess of the classroom! The children have really enjoyed themselves and I love how my classroom looks with all my new designs! Enjoy some pictures of our decorating below alongside a few pic-collages of lessons that I did manage to photograph over the last few weeks :)

Week 5


More lessons, more learning, more fun! Another wonderful week in Vulcan class, the children are really enjoying learning about poetry from a number of different sources. Some even attempted to read one of our favourites called 'Googol'. They read them with full expression in a range of different emotions, some of them had the classroom erupting with laughter! We have started well with our addition and subtraction and enjoyed a calm and relaxing 'Hello Yellow' day full of Arts, crafts and mindfulness activities, feel free to look at some of our photos from this week below.

Week 4


A lovely week it has been! We have been working hard on completing our Myths, re-writing the story of Theseus and the Minotaur with the children showing me their stamina for writing. We have finished our first Maths topic of Place Value and will move onto Addition and Subtraction next week, we have also had a lovely afternoon learning about the story of Icarus and Deadalus and making our own class set of wings. 


This weekend I will be running the London Marathon, some of the children have asked if they can watch/follow the event. If you download the 2021 London Marathon app (Iphone/Android) you can enter my bib number (40725) and it will give you live tracking of me during the race. It will also be broadcast on BBC1, I look forward to showing my medal off to the children on Monday (if I can walk that is!)

Week 2

This week has seen the children dive into everyday learning. We have pushed our writing to new heights and carried on well with our Place Value in Maths. The children enjoyed their first Ukalele lesson and dipped their toes into their first French lesson of the year as well! They are impressing me with their computer skills, working hard with their coding this week. Everyone is behaving so well and I can tell they are so eager to please, a credit to you all. Enjoy a few photos from our learning this week below.smiley  


Year 3 Sports Day 2021!

The Vulcans make delicious shortbread biscuits!

Food glorious food! The pupils make bread!

1.12.2020 - Designing Packaging for Bread.

2020 - 2021 Year 3
Welcome back, Vulcan!

Thomas' Rescue!!


Hello, Vulcan!! Thomas has done a fantastic thing this week and would love to share it with you all.  I've put some photos below.  Well done, Thomas!    



Thomas walked down to the bottom of the garden, to his swing, he looked down and thought he spotted a leaf blowing in the breeze. He realised it wasn’t windy so he took a closer look and discovered a VERY small Hedgehog. He couldn’t believe his eyes, it was very small and wiggling. Quickly he grabbed his dog, named Pringles and took him inside, then told his Mummy and Daddy what he had found.

We all went running down the garden to have a look and sure enough it was a tiny Hoglet, so small that it’s eyes weren’t open. Thomas quickly got a shoe box and some hay and we carefully put the Hoglet into a box and moved it to a cool, safe place.

His Mum then called the RSPCA while Thomas stayed quietly guarding the box. It was then decided that the Hoglets best chance was to take it to a Hedgehog rescue centre straight away and the lady there was going to look after it. She told us that the Hoglet may have wondered off from the nest as it’s mother sadly hadn’t returned. She said that she would have to feed the Hoglet every two hours to help it gain its strength and warned us that we might find more as a Hedgehog can have up to 7 babies.


So Thomas then began to search around the area he had found the Hoglet. Sure enough the next day, he found another little Hoglet. We took it to the lady at the Rescue Centre and she said she would put it with it’s Brother.


She told Thomas he had done the right thing and well done. She has also invited us to go back and visit once we are all allowed.

A message from Fleur

Still image for this video


Lots of beach-related activities for you this week!

Here is a photo from my own beach walk today!

Mrs Nair


Still image for this video

Vulcan's Class Challenge

A huge well done to all those who took part in the class challenge. We are missing you all lots and it was so lovely to see you all. I hope you enjoy seeing your friends on this video :D
Love Mrs Nair, Mrs Asbridge and Miss Nix

Useful websites:


If you were looking for more work for your child to do, there are several websites that you can access that have daily lessons on. Please see below:

Virtual Bookbag

Below is the link that will take you to the Collins Big Cat books for children to access and read online.


In Year 2, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme for our daily lessons. The White Rose website now has a dedicated section for Home Learning where you can access a daily maths lesson, linked to the learning we would be doing in school. Each lesson has a video for input to go through the learning, a worksheet to demonstrate understanding and an answer sheet to check over at the end. The resources are really clear and easy to use, should you wish to follow them.

Week 1 and Week 2 could be used over the Easter break, should you wish to!

Week 3 would link to the week starting Monday 20th April.

Easter holiday - English and Maths Problem Solving

Here are some fun problem-solving tasks that you might wish to attempt over the Easter break. They focus on solving problems and finding clues to discover the culprit who committed a crime! There are some tricky questions so children may need a bit of help: the answers are provided but no cheating!!

The Great Fire of London

Here is a link to a wonderful, interactive website, based on the Great Fire of London. Make sure you have the volume turned on so that you can hear the story and instructions.


When you have finished, you might like to try one of these tasks.

Easter Holiday activities

Here are some fun, family activities that you may wish to try over the coming weeks. Many can be done using paper and pencils and don't require printing, unless you wish to.

Below is a link that opens a Virtual Bookbag, the Collins e-books follow the reading scheme we have in school and allows the children a hub of books to enjoy. Simply click the link, enter your details and start reading!

Vulcan have been learning about the different food groups on the Eatwell plate.

ICT- Vulcan have been learning Coding and have worked on making objects move, change direction and disappear!

Bug Hotels! Vulcan used bottles, leaves, twigs and grass to make cosy homes for bugs.

In Science, we have been looking at the offspring of animals and how they grow and change.

Science- living things

Please find below the PowerPoint that was shared at our recent 'Meet the Teacher' session.


Meet the Teacher