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Aquatic animal adaptations

Internet safety day - 6.2.24

Geography - Biomes

English - Acting out a scene

Hello Yellow Day!


Back to school

Year 6 - Meet the teacher

Mersea Residential Information Slides

Marble Run Mayhem!


Over the last couple of days, Apollo class have built their very own Marble Runs. These have been created using no planning nor modelling, the children were placed in groups and were told to simply go! This meant they had to use their teamwork to create something that actually worked. They overcame hurdles, adapted and changed their models accordingly and we ended up with some truly brilliant structures! My favourite moment, however, was watching the children clean up their destructive mess at the end of the unit as my poor classroom definitely looked worse for wear after their design time!

A bit from Autumn 2


Hi everyone,


Here are photos of the some of the lovely activities Apollo class have partaken in over the last few weeks. We have enjoyed activities such as:


  • Our Tudor Day meeting the Queen
  • Coding an Animation
  • Creating a Marble Run
  • Testing Evaporation using Heat

A bit from Autumn 1


Hi everyone,


Sorry the lack of posts this half term! Below you will find a series of pic-collages and photos depicting some of the lovely activities we have taken part in over the last 6 weeks. With every week I get wonderful feedback on how much people enjoy being around Apollo class. I have had supply teachers, HTLA's, external event staff and the swimming instructors all remark at how organised, polite and lovely the children are!

Meet the Teacher


Welcome to Year 5! For those that couldn't attend the Meet the Teacher sessions, I have attached the slides that were discussed below. The link to Accelerated Reader is also below for you to trail out over the next few days/weeks. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at



I've Got Peace in My Fingers: Dia Escolar de la No- i la Pau: I Remembrance Day Song

Keep rehearsing for our Year 4 assembly!

Welcome to year 4 Apollo!

2020 - 2021 Year 3
Welcome back, Apollo!

As part of our English unit, we read and followed instructions to make our own Woolly Mammoths. Next week we will be writing instructions so that other children can read them and make their own Woolly Mammoths too. 

Useful websites:


If you were looking for more work for your child to do, there are several websites that you can access that have daily lessons on. Please see below:

Hi all, I have attached a document which outlines the end of year objectives that we aim to meet for Year 2 for each subject. Please use this document as a guideline as every child's learning is different and unique. It should help you see the expectation we have for our Year 2s and what we aim to achieve by the end of Year 2. (Taken from the Government national curriculum document)

Below is a link that opens a Virtual Bookbag, the Collins e-books follow the reading scheme we have in school and allows the children a hub of books to enjoy. Simply click the link, enter your details and start reading!

Start the day off right!

Hi all, if you’re looking for useful apps to help support their learning - give these a try!


In Year 2, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme for our daily lessons. The White Rose website now has a dedicated section for Home Learning where you can access a daily maths lesson, linked to the learning we would be doing in school. Each lesson has a video for input to go through the learning, a worksheet to demonstrate understanding and an answer sheet to check over at the end. The resources are really clear and easy to use, should you wish to follow them.

Week 1 and Week 2 could be used over the Easter break, should you wish to!

Week 3 would link to the week starting Monday 20th April.

Easter holiday - English and Maths Problem Solving

Here are some fun problem-solving tasks that you might wish to attempt over the Easter break. They focus on solving problems and finding clues to discover the culprit who committed a crime! There are some tricky questions so children may need a bit of help: the answers are provided but no cheating!!

The Great Fire of London

Here is a link to a wonderful, interactive website, based on the Great Fire of London. Make sure you have the volume turned on so that you can hear the story and instructions.


When you have finished, you might like to try one of these tasks.

Easter Activities

Please find below some fun, family activities that you may wish to use over the coming weeks. They can be done easily on paper, if you do not have access to a printer.

Mini Mentors

Children helped each other read through their non-chronological reports and edit spelling and punctuation errors.


Apollo are Cosmic Collaborators!

Computing 💻

Apollo enjoyed participating in their first coding lesson. Children were able to logon on to the laptops and find the correct website. They could then follow the instructions given to complete simple coding techniques. This involved moving characters left, right, up and down on the screen.

Framlingham Castle trip

Children had a fantastic time on our school trip. They enjoyed climbing to the top of castle to walk around it’s walls and spot the different parts they had learnt about. They also got to see the museum and objects that people in the past used in everyday life.


Apollo’s behaviour was exceptional and they all earned 4 class dojo points.

For those of you who could not make 'Meet the teacher' I have uploaded the Powerpoint so that you can see all the information that was said.


Trip Letter - Framlingham Castle


Year 1

Dear zoo, we had a lovely time! The kids had an amazing time and so did we.

In Science we are looking at animals. Ask me about different animals parts. We can even tell you that birds and fish are different because birds have wings for flying and lungs for breathing. Whereas fish have fins for swimming and gills for breathing.

We have been learning about tricky turns. We went out outside and practically turned using arrows to help us figure out what a quarter, half, three quarter and full turn was. We then went in and practised this with numicon. Some of us had a try and using our reasoning and problem solving skills on tricky problems!

We have been researching facts about Rio, Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest. We are gathering data to include in our holiday brochures which we will be writing next this space!

Hi all, as I am sure you are all now aware we are having a Camulos Carnival in year 1! This will be taking place on Thursday 23rd May 2019 at 2pm. A letter with more information will be going out next week. We hope you are all able to make it! Many thanks, Year 1. 

We had a lovely visit from the Ambulance service! The children got to go on the ambulance and speak to a nurse. They learnt lots of new things and even got shown how to bandage up certain injuries. Take a look!

From all of us in Apollo - we hope you all have a lovely Easter break and have lots of fun! 

The spellings that were sent out last week will be tested first week back after the break. This is why no new spellings were sent out. 


Have a lovely break!

The children learnt all about people in our community who support us. Apollo enjoyed the fireman telling them all about their job. We even got to go in the truck! "Best day ever!" - Apollo class